On Exercise and Weight

I’ve read stuff, I’ve talked to Folks Who Know, and I’ve got personal experience. I’m about to drop a health bombshell on you, and I’m not going to cite sources. But I’m right.

Here’s the thing: Exercise doesn’t make you thin.

Sorry, Nautilus, Nordic Trac, Bowflex, and all the rest, exercise doesn’t make you thin. It does make you healthier, stronger, and by all accounts happier. Any one of those effects would be enough to make exercise worthwhile, and you get them all.

But exercise doesn’t make you thinner. Exercise makes you hungry. Exercise gives you the opportunity to get thinner, but whether you do or not is based on how you deal with the hunger. Just yesterday I had one of my best workouts in months and followed it with a second heaping helping of lasagna. I was starving. My heart is stronger, my muscles tighter, my outlook on life a little sunnier, but at the end of the day when the ledger is balanced, I’m no skinnier.

2 thoughts on “On Exercise and Weight

  1. remember when you were a skinny little kid, and all you did was run around and play AND THE LAST thing you wanted to do was come inside for dinner? I miss that. Sigh.

    • Yeah, I do remember that. And remembering, was hit by a tidal wave of nostalgia. Somehow childhood memories are better when painted in the glow of a lingering summer twilight. The last thing you wanted was to be sucked inside.

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