November is Coming

In this entire mad, mad world, there are only a handful of people who have “won” NaNoWriMo every year since 2001. There were about 100 of us who won that year, and the number can only shrink from there.

So while I sit on the third blow-it-up-an-do-it-again exercise with chapter 40 of Knives, I’m also looking at November, trying to decide if my reason to participate is habit, pride, or actual creative need.

But I thought of a good moment, and the moment led to a couple of characters with a very small struggle in a vary large universe that cares not what becomes of them. Characters which, for the sake of dragging things out to 50,000 words, will have to stumble across some other, contrived, larger struggle.

In December I can maybe produce a smaller story that fits them better.


2 thoughts on “November is Coming

  1. Hi Jerry,

    Sorry to bother you here, but I have used your Novel Writer (I really like it) couple of years ago, and now (as it does not work in High Sierra) i want to export couple of chunks of text from rjwr files to text format. Maybe you have idea how to do it?
    I have access to windows as well, so maybe windows version exist and will work on Win 8? Thank you. Alex.

    • As difficult as it would be to publish an update to Jer’s Novel Writer for Mac (I would face conflict-of-interest issues), a Windows version is Right Out.

      I just realized that I haven’t put High Sierra on this computer – which is where I have Jer’s Novel Writer running right now. I’ll try running it on a High Sierra box and see what I can learn. I certainly want to keep using Jer’sNW as well.

      Maybe it will be time to jump through the potentially-extensive hoops to get an update published. It would be nice to have full-screen mode work again, as well.

      Failing that, I’ll keep a machine running an older MacOS, and worst case I can open your files for you and export them as rtf.

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