My New Hero

My brother threw me a link today. I clicked, and found myself looking at some pretty amazing rock sculptures. No, not just pretty amazing, downright stunning. There are quotes there, about finding the ‘tripod’ (which I call the three points of contact — always remembering that three points define a plane), and about finding that inner, most steady self.

His site, Gravity Glue, has more examples both of his ability to refute gravity and his skill as a photographer.

I hate the guy. Seriously. Tangentially and completely unrelated, I need to start balancing rocks again, and I need to go back in time and photograph my earlier efforts properly.


2 thoughts on “My New Hero

  1. In the interest of combining two posts into one comment stream (and recognizing that we live in a jaded, suspicious age), I can’t help but wonder if gravity is the only force of attraction at work in these photos or if another type of “glue” is involved.

    • I hadn’t considered that. There are some that I think must have involved scaffolding during construction (or a patient and steady assistant or two), but glue would definitely help. It’s just the sort of thing ‘they’ would do.

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