Knives 16 Published

Yep, that’s right, Episode 16 is out, and it’s a big one! We meet the Soul Thieves, and no one is ready for the confrontation that follows — not even the Soul Thieves. The good guys probably won’t catch them so unprepared next time. Fun question: did Elena get her wish?

From a writer’s standpoint, I made some promises in this episode. After today, Martin will be angry one more time, and it will be cataclysmic. But until then we can count on him keeping a level head and killing people only for entirely rational reasons.

Thanks as always to my supporters; you guys rock.

The episode

1 thought on “Knives 16 Published

  1. The turn of phrase and poetry of the first paragraph is stupendous. Only to be outdone by the second. “Marriage.” You kill me.

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