Insignificant Programming Note

Due to an administrative error, some votes in the current poll were misdirected to adjacent candidates. There really should be a Florida joke here, but none of them turned out funny. I will use my own voting powers over the next few days to restore the votes that were lost when I fixed things. It’s not like there were that many. In the meantime, you, the faithful electorate are encouraged to continue in the best ballot-stuffing tradition.

As long as I’m doing one of these programming note thingies, I may as well mention the new section over there in the sidebar. It turns out these days that actual strangers and folks we don’t know happen by, and I figured a little orientation might help them get a feel for the place. Plus, a friend and fellow writer recently mentioned that I should brag more, after he read “Serpent”. He said a lot of nice things about that story. So, I’m bragging more, or at least giving people a shot at reading my stuff, as long as it’s out there.

And Hey golly! That’s what the poll is about! I could have sworn I wrote some funny things for Piker Press, but the five candidates in the poll were the best I could come up with. One of those ought to go in the favorites list, just to give perusers a change of pace. But which one? You be the judge!


6 thoughts on “Insignificant Programming Note

  1. Jer’s new side bar, coupled with a tinfoil hat, gave him a fightning chance of warding off lightning.
    What do you get when you cross a Japanese samurai spider with a firefly? A fightning bug.
    Don’t give me no mountain dew, give me a sip of that white fightning and it’s Katy bar th’ door.

    young punk’s brow darkens
    rumbles of thunder roil black eyes
    teenage fightning storm

    In the interest of fairness I admit I first misspelled thunder as thunger. Is thunger the empty stomach gurgle that always hits you in the quietest classroom moment of the a midterm exam?

  2. Jesse — I love the term thunger. It definitely hits my students, although, since I teach evening classes, it’s supper, rather than lunch, that they growl for.

    Actually, as Piker stories go, I liked the one about Cowboy Church. (Or was that one on Piker? … I thought it was … can’t remember for sure …)

  3. Yeah, Cowboy God was a good one. If memory serves (ha!) it was my very first Piker story, but there’s a version I published here first. I wrote that one between Texas and North Carolina, finishing it off in a coffee shop in Raleigh. Jesse was the first to read it. At the time it felt like a chapter in a longer story, but lots of good short stories do. At the advice of the Piker editors, I excised a bit for the Piker version to allow it to stand on its own a little better.

    Thunger should definitely be an entry in the Muddled Dictionary. Which means, of course, that there should be a Muddled Dictionary. Anybody remember the other good words? There’s pervious, of course, but there were others.

  4. Oh yeah. I love it. There’s the OED. Now there can be the
    There’ve been many a fine misspell on these pages, but of course they escape me, too.
    There also needs to be a scholarly archivist who enjoys poring over all past episodes and cross referencing them – and no I’m not volunteering. But Keith is a candidate.

  5. My suggestion for the name of the thing is Muddledpedia.

    Beyond that, I’ll have to pass on a leadership role on this project because it sounds too much like work.

    However, if one of the many programming wizards around here sets it up, I’d be happy to post “contributions”.

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