Infinology bites.

Infinology is the Web hosting company that carries Piker Press. More than a week ago, Piker Press stopped working. Since then the editors over there have tried through various channels to get help. Nothing. Zip. Nada. No one is answering the phones, no one is responding to the help tickets. This would to my untrained eye make the claims they make on their Web site downright fradulent.

So, to summarize: Infinology sucks. They are liars as well as bad Web hosts. Don’t even think of using them.

8 thoughts on “Infinology bites.

  1. That’s what a squirrel that has sent in yo demanded image yet sees none of his poems/rantings published would think (if he had paid fo th’ privilege).

    There once were a squirr name o’ Joe
    Who seen his poems published, but no
    He sent whut you said
    But his poems be no read
    An he bitched and complained to no end

    Joe th’ drunkenly poetically cranky squirr.

    /Mmmmm single Malt!

  2. Sounds like Infinology must be run by Symantec
    (I tired to put my cool “Symantec Sucks Animated Logo here, but HaloScan took it out)or the Sweedes.

  3. The latest casualty on the Internet seems to be Sitemeter — at least the server that handles Five O’Clock Somewhere (but not the one that handles Desert Sea). According to their website, that particular server started running amok Saturday morning, and they have been trying to save it since then.

    This afternoon, they had to put the server out of its misery, and it will take a couple of days to recover the lost logs. Meanwhile, it appears that I’m getting no visitors (although I’m assured they will eventually show up, minus a 20 to 30 minute window during the switchover to another server). Sitemeter blames old age and a possible virus for the demise of the server.

    Also, on Pat’s blog, Accuweather was acting up. It sure was looking like the same thing. I wonder if it’s catching.

  4. The big difference with Sitemeter is that there’s someone there who is working on the problem and even communicating with customers.

  5. Yes, indeed, the folks at Sitemeter are great. And they have a sense of humor that helps to defuse clients’ irritation. The counter on my site still isn’t working quite right, but I know they’re working on it.

  6. Between Inf’nology and Sitemeter, I was mad at pretty much the whole internet last weekend. Sitemeter won me back by a)admitting they have a problem, and b)blogging about it wittily. They get away with just a stern lecture about “How can you go a whole weekend without anyone even checking the e-mail?”

    The Press is in the process of moving to a new webhost. On the website, they explain in great detail about their gas-generator power backup system. Not that power failures had anything to do with the problems at Infiniology, but it gave me a warm feeling just the same. These must be practical, can-do folks.

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