I Like Potted Meat

For lunch today I went the simple route – fresh czech bread, cheese, and a little tub of something that, according to the label, had once been associated with chickens in some way or another. I pulled back the heavy foil lid and there it was, pink and homogenous. Mmm… potted meat.

This stuff was on the pink side. I looked at it for a moment and wondered if there was any difference between this stuff and cat food, besides the label. Some cat food claims to have extra vitamins and provide a more balanced diet, so, ignoring issues of quality and health inspections in the factories, cat food may well be healthier.

Still, it doesn’t matter what other mammals like this stuff, it’s mighty tasty, and the Czech Republic is the place to go for potted meat. They devote more space in their stores to potted meat than they do for ketchup, and that’s a lot of space. Beer, of course, has more space on the shelves than any other product. And what better for washing the old chicken goo down than a nice cold one?

22 thoughts on “I Like Potted Meat

  1. Do you consciously strive for the irony of following an entry of “I hate (electronic) Spam” with “I love potted meat?”

  2. We wanna see lew wrestle in potted meat.

    and ranch dressing.

    and maybe one other thing, but definately those two.

    BTW, how did they get the meat potted? On whisky and rye?

  3. I will not wrestle in potted meat.

    Unless personally potted on whiskey and rye.

    And WITH Jerry (and/or Andrew), not for them.

  4. There are a few differences between potted meat and cat food, but not many.

    Yes, potted meat has to meet government health criteria, and cat food officially doesn’t. However, most premium brands of cat food (and Dulce would never tolerate anything less than premium) voluntarily meet the same health standards.

    Cat food tends to smell more than potted meat prepared for humans. The official reason for this phenomenon is that cats’ appetites are stimulated by strong aromas.

    Cat food is fortified with nutrients balanced for a carnivore. The most important is taurine, an amino acid that cats need to preserve good eyesight and ward off heart problems. (Dogs don’t need taurine, which means it’s not a good idea to feed dog food to a cat.) Potted meat for humans is fortified with a whole lot of salt and sodium-rich preservatives. If you have high blood pressure, you’re better off eating cat food.

    On the other hand, I love potted meat, too. Deviled ham and cream cheese on sourdough bread, with just a touch of brown mustard — some days, there’s no other food that will do. Of course, it’s also terribly salty, so you have to have good beer to wash it down with.

  5. Cheryl,
    The fat Japanese opera star has yodeled her last haiku. Your dark and extended reign as MOH is officially over, and you join the ranks of the pervious.

    Let my dark reign begin…

    No natural disasters on my watch will go unblamed or not excused.

    The Once and Future MOH

  6. So sorry visitor 25014 from Cambridge, Boston, MA who linked over from Fuego’s place.

    Tough luck 25015, Mac User in Los Alamos, but you’re too late.

    Look upon my works, ye tardy, and despair!

  7. URGENT . . .
    Nothing to do with potted meat . . .
    more to do with spam filling your e-mail in box, but there are fewer comments on this topic so you may see it sooner.

    Please check your e-mail for subject “Door-to-Door” – they are complaining about late payment.

    Come to think of it, there IS some relationship between potted meat and Spam . . .

  8. Okay, now it’s official. Jer and his Dad are CIA. These cryptic messages confirm it. Door-to-door…hah! What does that really mean? “I wanna live in CZ for adventure and beer.” Hah! Tommyrot. Jer is bringing in a former commie VIP intelligence officer from the cold. Door-to-door probably means “Dad” is waiting to debrief, make the delivery ASAP, as in “late payment.” I bet Jer’s laptop is full of beer anti-dote pills. Now the question is, just who is MaK and how much does she know????

  9. Wait just a doggone minute…are Potted meat and Spam the same person? Double agent?? Next thing ya know it’ll turn out fuego and McSwede are the same bloody spy, and turned on us. Will the damage never stop?!?!?!

  10. I think I’ll spend part of tomorrow catching up on guest haikus. If you posted one in the last few months, it’s probably not in the rotation. If you can help me find said poetic masterpieces, I’d be grateful.

    After all, any poem calling me sexy has to get up there pronto!

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  12. Let us know when you get the lay of the political landscape, and decide if you need to be a perpetual mayor candidate in your new hometown.

    San Diego doesn’t have a mayor, currently. Perhaps I’ll write you in.

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