Here we go…

Unless someone bails me out by voting for “charm with wit, let her make the move” this morning it looks like I’ll be asking Nicole on a date. To be honest the two more extreme choices were less scary than the date option since she would not take them seriously. Oh, well, after I embarrass myself I’ll be leaving town. If she doesn’t have a shift in the next day or two it’ll all be moot anyway. On the plus side, I’m now morally obligated to spend time at The Cannery.

In other news, I had so much fun using John’s fancy camera that I have bought one of my own. It arrives tomorrow, if all goes well. Then I just have to learn how to use it. I’m pretty stoked, though. I can see lots of mistakes in the pictures I took, mistakes that a camera can’t fix, but I can also see some good stuff and having images that are more “tweakable” afterwards gives me the ability to bring out the best in a shot. Plus having a lens that can reach out and touch someone is really nice. Oh, it’s a slippery slope, all right. Can you say accessories?

John has been really helpful both by letting me borrow his gear and by helping me get a decent bang for my buck for my new gear. (I think he enjoys spending my money on stuff as much as he does his own.) He has also been very encouraging when looking at my pictures. Thanks, John! Thanks also for the encouraging comments from you guys out there. I sure am having fun. Still looking for a way to get paid to do this.

7 thoughts on “Here we go…

  1. So give us some details on the new camera rig. I’m still using an Olympus 3040, but lusting after the new sub-$1000 digital SLRs, like Canon’s digital Rebel.

    Remember, the more expensive the camera, the more expensive the inevitable mistake of dropping the camera while holding it outside the car while driving.

  2. I’ll keep the FinePix for the holding-out-the-window shots.

    New camera is a Canon 10D – one step up from the Rebel, I believe, and treated kindly in reviews. I’m sure that many of the subtleties between the two will be lost on me, at least at first.

    John likes Canon in part because they use CMOS light sensors instead of a CCD, which leads to less noise in the image. One thing I really like about the DSLRs is that there is much less shutter lag compared to a digicam.

  3. All right! Now we can get some really awesome pix of the Catalina trip. One of my goals for the trip, by the way, is seeing if I can find the “noisy bar in Avalon” that CS&N sing about in “Southern Cross.” (The song is, according to David Crosby, about a voyage he actually took.)

  4. Im thinking about the next poll now. John suggested “Should Jerry stay until Friday?” but I’m getting itchy feet, and I still have things to take care of in San Diego.

    Hmmm… I need to figure out where I’m going to sleep down there.

  5. Pat found the name of the bar in one of the tourist guides, although I can’t remember the name off the top of my head. It was something Mexican.

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