Happy Ought-to Ought-to Day

Today is dedicated to getting something done that you ought to do. I used my ought-to ought-to day to finally get a monthly pass for the transportation system, which involved getting a photo taken. This is to enable the other ought-to: getting out more.

How ’bout you?

6 thoughts on “Happy Ought-to Ought-to Day

  1. I heard someone finally decided they ought-to put the San Diego Compass Learning (Jostens,ESTC) office out of it’s misery….

    Met a lot of friends and a wife there.

  2. My wife!! Marla! She started there long after you all were there if I remember correctly.

    I was at a company picnic and the guy mentioned in Keith’s link was making a speech without a microphone. It was outdoors, he didn’t have a microphone and no one could hear him. It was hilarious.

    I wish well for the people still left, I hear it’s been hell there with people promoted way over their heads, but they should have left there a looooonnnnnggggg time ago.



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