Googleday, bloody Googleday

It’s been a while, so I climbed into the way-back machine to see what’s been bringing people here. Some are interesting, others, not, but hell, it gets an episode out without making any demands on my creativity.

  • saturday has a morning shirt – linked to a crappy episode
  • Tomas pronounced Tomash – linked to an old story about a czech road trip
  • “no squirrel” – I don’t have to tell you where that one led.
  • pictures “girl drinking beer” – went to the bars of the world category page.
  • the best cool games and racing games shooting games in the whole wold
  • Death by Squirrel – the usual connection
  • “I love amy”-lee 2004 – I guess lee loves amy, too!
  • short stories on disguise, anonymity and behaviour – linked to the stories category page, where thiere might even have been something appropriate. Probably not, though.
  • hwy 60 in chile – Chile, New Mexico – they’re pretty similar
  • INTERSTATE 60: EPISODES OF THE ROAD (2004) – came within seconds of the search above, but from halfway around the world.
  • boy gets haircut in czech prison – linked to my episode about my landlord
  • explanation of edward gorey style – linked to an old, old episode about the books I had with me at the moment
  • Roma+time – top match discusses the strange way time works at one of my favorite hangouts
  • “reusable space vehicle” – one of my more outrageous get poor quick schemes.
  • dog injuries thorn in leg from cactus – I hope they found something more useful than this.
  • zepter vacuum cleaner – just ask. I know all about that stuff. fuego and I practically invented the damn thing.
  • roma pizzeria mac road – links to the same episode as the last one. Such an odd combination of things they may actually have been looking for this site.
  • czechs reserved people – linked to a story about how czechs may be standoffish, but at least they’re not New Yorkers.
  • “the open bar” san diego – the episode really doesn’t express what a crappy bar that is, but I like the way it flows.
  • “plastic miniskirt” – the other top contenders were muck more enticing than my Bulwer-Lytton episode.
  • poems about mr.little – went to the Idle Chit-Chat category page and nowhere else.
  • googles+x-ray+power – I love bad spelling. Went to an episode like this one.
  • get you drunk quick – my classic episode isn’t scoring as high anymore.
  • “pacific beach” shorts men’s -“beach boy” -“san diego” – back to my pants.
  • m o j a v e r o s e b o o b s – if this is not the perfect three-word summation of my life, I don’t know what is. Lead the searcher to Bobbi.
  • things to write in y e a r b o o k s – this is a seasonal one; I’ve gotten quite a few lately. Links to this episode about y e a r b o o k s
  • alpha romeo 1985 – linked to the much-loved episode about H i g h w a y 60, which is particularly interesting for the comments.
  • b u d v a r bar – Gotta love them b u d v a r bars.
  • Sunday Bloody Sunday – I rated surprisingly high on that search on Yahoo Japan. Linked to an episode about the day after a big night.
  • toast plate thermodynamics – not the usual way people reach the egg pages, but in interesting one.
  • small google pictures on old faithful – linked to one of the Y e l l o w s t o n e episodes.
  • bacteria mats – linked to the same episode, where there is actually a picture of bacteria mats.
  • “bare legs” japan|japanese|sapporo|hokkaido winter|freezing – linked to an episode that has nothing to do with Japan.

And, of course, the usual suspects.

I got a link from babelfish translating the main page into German. I looked at how it handled the bit I wrote in czech a few days ago, and apparently it assumed it was just some dialect of English it could not deal with. Which is how that writing probably looks to the Czechs, as well.

5 thoughts on “Googleday, bloody Googleday

  1. Hey Jer, I’ve just spent way too much time at your site, slowly finishing a bottle of wine at the field station instead of working on my PhD shit. Just wanted to say- great stuff. I’ve really enjoyed reading your stories. Some have touched deep nerves- a rare but welcome feeling.

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