Google ’till it hurts

For those new to my blog, this is a semi-regular feature. When there have been some interesting searches that led people to this site, I like to share them with you. Sometimes I put the search words in pig latin so that future searches will continue to go to the correct entry.

  • duranceengay eargay – came up fifth in a google search and led to the episode about my pants. There might be a business opportunity there.
  • sex words – led to my episode “Sex, Death, and Words “. Someone went through several pages of search results and then chose my blog. I wonder what they were looking for.
  • bachelorette party ideas for the pregnant bride – I came up 13th for that phrase on yahoo. Most of the words matched one of my episodes from the Cannery in Bozeman
  • Great Googly Moogly – linked to another episode like this one
  • weblog sailing
  • “Nick Cave” “Her Long Black Hair”
  • cowboy bar
  • write a novel in a month
  • illionmay ollarday owboycay arbay acksonjay olehay – fourth in Google search (The first two are the bar’s official Web site). My review is probably not too good for their business.

Of course there were also the usual squirrel, x-ray, and Dolce Vida hits. Egg cooking is still a very popular topic, but I can’t tell if my culinary advice has changed anyone’s life.

14 thoughts on “Google ’till it hurts

  1. In various places we’ve traveled, different places seem to have different bad driving habits. Pat’s observation about California drivers is that they drive fast, but they generally seem to be more skilled drivers than those from other states, because in California the bad drivers get killed off.

    In Arkanses, the worst driving habit is pulling onto the highway from a side road without looking to see if anything is coming — apparently Arkansas drivers consider it the oncoming drivers’ duty to avoid a collision. I finally figured out why we don’t have that kind of driver in New Mexico — drivers in New Mexico can’t count on the oncoming drivers to be sober enough to avoid a collision.

    We had a nasty one in Northern New Mexico over the 4th of July weekend — a man driving drunk killed five people, including two of his cousins, and the wife and 7-year-old son of his buddy who is serving in Iraq. The driver, meanwhile, suffered only minor injuries. He’s had at least three prior DWI convictions. He’s charged with five counts of vehicular homicide, one count of child abuse resulting in death, one driving with a suspended or revoked license, one failure to restrain a child, one failure to wear a seat belt, and one felony repeat DWI.

  2. At least driving in the northern end of Rio Arriba County doesn’t seem to be so dangerous, or at least hasn’t been lately. When the village of Chama ran out of money to run its own police department, it invited the State Police to establish a substation there. Now the highway from the Colorado line to Abiquiu is well patrolled, and the locals know it, so the only speeders are the turistas and the borrachos — and they get caught. There also hasn’t been a serious accident around here in years.

  3. Meanwhile, I’ve been playing around with my own writing. I have several ideas for mysteries — I wonder if I could do for Rio Arriba County what Tony Hillerman has done for the Navajo Reservation. My problem right now is finding the perfect main character to solve the mysteries. Should this be:

    a. a Rio Arriba County Sherriff’s Deputy

    b. a reporter for the weekly newspaper based in Espanola

    c. an instructor at Northern New Mexico Community College?

  4. I vote for b, with some help from a. a should be skeptical of b but helps out anyway once b convinces a of the need for assitance.

  5. “The In-Between Places” might make a good name for one of your stories.

    Weekly reporter gives you a great way to add the stories within the stories, to provide color and background of the culture.

  6. If you just plan a story without starting writing, you can crank out your first draft in November. You can check to find other Norther New Mexico writers as well.

  7. Works so long as a never gives me a speeding ticket.

    How to behave toward other drivers in northern Rio Arriba County: If you spot a gold Crown Victoria, treat it nice until you can see whether it’s wearing government license plates. If you spot a Crown Vic with a striking black-and-white paint job, don’t bother looking at the license plate — just treat it nice. If it’s a big, copper-colored GMC pickup with lots of lights in the grille, it’s a game warden, so you don’t have to treat it nice unless you’re over your bag limit on trout or carrying a poached elk in your pickup bed.

  8. Be c. who has to have a. whacked in order to get to the truth (it’s out there).

    Oh, and you will need some extraterrestrials if it is set in NM. Maybe a slightly crazed researher from Los Alamos that has “contact” with the ET’s.

  9. In previous summaries of search results, you have occasionally mentioned where some of the visitors come from. While you must, of course, protect people’s privacy, it might be interesting to see some general trends as regards who shows up here.

  10. I did, in the past, mention which search engine carried the people here. Google is by far the most common.

    I believe there are two permanent links to this blog out there. One, of course, is our good friend Pants. Another is suzqueue up in Seattle (, who keeps an interesting journal and takes some good pictures.

    I catch another reference or two now and then, and I suspect that there are other sites that point here, but I can’t tell you what they are.

    I have chosen to make all the data I report available to you, my faithful viewers. All you have to do is click the sitemeter number. Everything is there.

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