Google Quickie

Had a couple of good ones lately:

  • Google: two beers – whoever visited didn’t leave any new languages, though. When checking the search I came across another “two beers” collection here. (My collection can be found here.)
  • calgary flames were screwed
  • Google: no pants day calendar
  • Google: hitchhiking myth
  • msn: weed
  • Google: lucky squirrel cult
  • Google: megan smells – my favorite! Links to this.

As always, there’s La Dolce Vida, relatively few rutabagas, and one polkacide.

5 thoughts on “Google Quickie

  1. Man, the majority wants you to go to Bozeman. Don’t blame me, I voted for Fairbanks. Anyway, the fishing has been OK here and the weather has been beautiful. I even upgraded my wireless to G and WAP so that it is easier to get you on. And you have to meet Tory, the prettiest barmaid in the west…

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