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Hey! Are you familiar with Hyperbole and a Half? Now would be an excellent time to check it out. Perhaps those already well-versed in hyperbolic lore could recommend particularly choice archival stories for newbies to peruse.

And as long as you’re looking at other sites that don’t take six years to load the way mine does, the November 24 Astronomy Picture of the Day just reinforces the growing urge inside me to head north in the next couple of years. APOD is awesome more often than not – I’m tempted to write a little program that turns each day’s picture into my desktop image. Not sure how that would fly on days like this one, however.


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  1. Recommended reading on Hyperbole and a Half: Everything in the ‘best of’ column, “Dogs Don’t Understand Basic Concepts Like Moving” (most recent post), “Expectations vs. Reality” (August archives), “How a Sandwich Makes You Its Bitch in 11 Easy Steps” (April archives), and “Cake vs. Pie: A Scientific Approach” (March archives).

    Pretty much everything she writes is fantastic, those are just my personal favorites.

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