Curretly the temperature outside is -10C (14 F), and it’s going downhill. According to my weather thingie, the predicted low is -16 C (7 F). At least the wind isn’t too bad.

Where were these temps last year when I bet on the weather (and I was in the US)?

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  1. You ask where these temps were. I can tell you that these, and colder, were at Five O’Clock Somewhere. They’re back again this year.

    In Albuquerque today, the temperature wasn’t so bad, but the wind chill was. I think I’ve made more use of my polar-bear coat just for the first part of this winter, than I’ve done for the whole winter in previous years.

  2. I have lost track of how many days (ten, perhaps?) that the temperature has not ventured north of freezing. Yep, it’s winter here.

  3. We need to check in with Bob. Record breaking snowfall in Wash St. Roof collapses. Flooding imminent. Hope all is well in colville rhymes with smallville.

    So , Jer, you haven’t broken out of below freezing temps and now GazProm has cutoff supplies to eastern europe. Are you scared?

  4. The Czech Republic holds the EU presidency this year, and one of the main dudes said that the Russians and the Ukrainians should pull their heads out of their asses. (The message was slightly more diplomatic than that, but not much — the Czechs are not noted for beating around the bush.) Honestly I have no idea how big a problem this will turn out to be. Personally, I’m more worried about my (gas) heater giving up the ghost. It doesn’t sound healthy.

    While waiting for a tram outside a shopping center today, the center’s jumbotron showed the weather forecast

    Today: cloudy, -7 high, -7 low

    Tomorrow: sunny, -7 high, -7 low

    Day after: partly cloudy, -7 high, -7 low

    -7º C is about 20º F

  5. This is almost worth a top-level blog episode. Copied from ‘If the two parties do not find a way to restore regular gas supplies to the EU within days, the Czech EU Presidency will consider organising top level meetings of EU representatives with both their Russian and Ukrainian counterparts’, Minister Martin Říman stated after the meetings with both parties.

    OK guys, work it out or… we’ll have a meeting!

    That’ll whip them into shape.

  6. Russian billionaires need Putin to squeeze gas because their oil profits tanked?

    Thank goodness canada is the saudi arabia of NG. (OR is it shale? I forget. )

    p.s. I want a news headline that reads, “Putin squeezes gas”

    p.p.s. almost as much as squirrely joe.

  7. The nerve of a head of state enacting policy that enriches his oil baron cronies! The outrage! As I type this I wonder if the drop in oil prices is simply a reflection that the US government won’t be inflating the price as flagrantly in the near future.

    So… are you saying the US should go ahead and annex Canada?

  8. Annex Canada?

    Here’s a free sci fi plot idea for ya. 10years from now Quebec secedes from the mother maple leaf. A major NG pipeline runs to the US thru Le Republique Quebequois. Quebecuerners siphon off stolen gas. Mother Canada cuts off supplies in protest. New England is freezing and there are real fears of citizens freezing to death. Polkacide gives a free three day Polkastock to raise awareness. The uncommonly small prime minister of Canada objects to the weiner dog song, and orders an invasion. All national guard troops are still on rotation to the republic of Chaotic Iraq and no one is left to defend Ohio. A madder-n-hell Chrissie Hynde leads a Joan du Arc-like resistance. For a brief moment, Ohio kicks butt in Hockey, and cincinatti chili is replaced by poutine, ehh.

  9. CA,

    Since I’ve been commuting to work by bike, I’ve lost my last connection to news-by-soundbite, NPR. Displaying my ignorance for all to see (nothing new), what politician co-opted “My City was Gone” (one of my all time favorite bass riffs – I even have the 12″ single)?

    Reminds me of Reagan co-opting “Born in the USA.” Does not remind me of Clinton co-opting Fleetword Mac.

  10. I’m pretty sure Rush Limbaugh has used the bass riff as part of his branding for many years now. I could be confusing blowhards, however.

  11. Dear Canada,

    Get out! We need the parking.


    Squirrely Joe

    If the border was 20 miles north, you wouldn’t need a Canada.

    /Canadians. Scum of the earth! “Ice-Mexicans”

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