By request, my analysis of US v CZ

Before the game, it was generally agreed by the people around me that the Czechs were fielding a better team. There was one ding against the local favorites, however: they don’t play well until their backs are against the wall.

Brief game analysis: The US held the ball much of the time; the Czechs were content to let the Americans dick around at midfield all they wanted. When the US boys actually tried to move the ball forward, that was a different story. A very short story, with an unhappy ending.

It may be that the Czechs tried to play down to the US level, but no! The Unites States had the last laugh. Ha ha! No one was going to reach their level, no siree bob! The US team dove so hard for the depths of suck that even Jaques Cousteau blanched (and he’s dead). The US team was hopeless, ineffective, and just plain lame. They sucked so bad the Czechs around me didn’t even bother to taunt me. I think they even felt a little bad for me.

Any questions?

15 thoughts on “By request, my analysis of US v CZ

  1. We tried to play the game on channel four on the walkie talkies, but the new ones don’t seem to work for that. Still, I don’t think I missed much while out in the eastern NM sun.

    Ceši do toho! Ceši do toho!

  2. What is this *football* you speak of?

    /the one thing about jingoism is that soon after the US is out, we will hear precious little of the WC as long as one remembers to stay out of ethnic neighborhoods.

  3. It’s tough right now. I went into the little café today, and had the place almost completely to myself, but the two other people passionately cared whether Switzerland beat France. These were people I knew, Czech fans, but their passion for this afternoon’s game was great enough that they had to include me. Much shouting and attempts at interaction later, I wasn’t even sure which side they were rooting for.

    Though it’s hard to imagine anyone rooting for the French.

  4. I watched a very small part of the game. Yes, I agree that the part of it that I saw wasn’t all that exciting. That’s why I watched only a very small part.

  5. That’s right Jess. There’s no game in the world that can’t be bettered with some ice, skates and sticks!

    I’d prefer an Oilers win what with them being Canadian and all. But that the Cane’s are a small market and def not broadcast darlings makes it OK.

    /Hartford Hurricanes?

  6. Darn it! Now it’s back to Edmonton. Oh well.

    Rats, my obvious attempt at soccer fan baiting has not fruited. I feel like Ann Coulter at an NRA convention. Bill O’Reilly at a Klan meetin’.

    Are there no fruitbowl fans who wanna step off? Try to lamely argue that a sport without pads, helmets or technology is civilised???

  7. Sissies wear helmets and pads. And require on solid surface to play on. When Carol Anne whacks her head into a boom, she doesn’t want to wear a helmet that would put a dent in a thousand-dollar piece of hardware. Her head is hard enough as it is without making it any more lethal. Besides, the helmet just wouldn’t look right with the Batwoman costume.

  8. I hears ya Pat. I’ve developed a groove in the back of my head from getting “boomed” from many an unexpected jibe.

  9. I was tempted to try to find a place with the NHL final tonight, but I don’t think there’s any place in the ‘hood that’s open that late. The game starts at 2am. Dang time zones.

  10. Brian, how available are you as crew on a racing boat? If, hypothetically speaking, somebody from New Mexico were to show up with an International Etchells looking to mix it up with the big Etchells fleet in San Diego, would you be game to participate in the effort?

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