Lost: one funny bone

I just read that Piker Press is looking for more of the lighter fare that is their signature. Apparently they’ve had a glut of heavy stuff in their in-boxes lately, despite the arrival of K. K. Brown and his well-written, whimsical stories. So if you have something lighthearted in you, now might be a good chance to give it wings.

I, however, seem to have run out of funny. I’m sure I had some lying around before I headed out to Spain; I suspect Soup Boy swiped it. He was heading off to Budapest when I came back; I bet he spread it around down there, while all the Budapestians slapped his back, exclaiming in broken English, “What a witty American are you!” (On a side note, the Hungarians really like their exclamation points. They even use them on their money.)

Maybe it’s the World Cup. I’ve probably watched as much TV in the last week as I had for the year to date — it’s just unavoidable if I want to go anywhere. TV certainly makes people stupid, perhaps it also makes them less funny. (An easy theory to promote — look how much TV Americans watch, and they’ve entirely lost their sense of humor.)

Or perhaps I, like Samson and his strength, did not realize until too late that all my funny was in my hair. Miss Adventure Delilah’d me, and now I must wait for the flowing tresses to grow back out before I can resume laying people low with the jaw of an ass.

Whatever the cause, I’ll have to find a way around it. “Elephants of Doom” is unfinished, along with two other short stories that are supposed to be humorous. Piker Press could use a chuckle, and Lord knows I need to do my part to address the world humor shortage. (As with all shortages, the Chinese are to blame.)

If you have any extra bit of funny lying around, throw it my way, would you? I’ll be the one in the corner writing about little girls in an orphanage dying of pneumonia while being exploited as slave labor. Whoo!

5 thoughts on “Lost: one funny bone

  1. Not all Americans have lost their sense of humour. They showed up to the World Cup, that shows a bit of comic spirit.

  2. I got this story about a Sicilian wiseguy coming up against an Irish leprechaun. Lots of humor, although I haven’t figured out yet who wins. It’s probably the wiseguy; the leprechaun’s a PITA.

  3. warning: this comment has nothing to do with the entry. It’s about Ed Grothus. I tried a couple of ways to find Jer’s old Black Hole episode, but was unsuccessful.

    Seems ole Eddie bought some crap at an estate sale, and one of items turned out to be an early book on militarizing atomic energy. It was chock full o’ signatures from the Manhattan biggies, and it goes on the auction block today at Sotheby’s.

    Jer’s LA minions might be able to get news via the ABQ Journal website or friends and family.

    Grothus wants to start a people’s museum of nuclear history. I don’t care what he starts, as long as there’s a gift shop.

  4. Holey Smokes, Jerry, you’re on to something there! I stopped writing lighthearted stuff right after I shaved my head! Humor resides in hair?

    What a good excuse not to shave my legs.

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