Baseball Playoff Fever

As I type this, Cleveland and Tampa bay are playing a single game to see which team gets to be in the playoffs. (Technically this is a playoff game, but don’t be fooled; it is a contrived spectacle that rewards mediocrity.)

Out there somewhere is a Tampa Bay Rays fan on the edge of his seat, living and dying with each pitch, as his team battles for a spot in the postseason. But there’s only one. The networks are not rooting for Tampa Bay.

2 thoughts on “Baseball Playoff Fever

  1. FYP: “There is only one.” One what, Tampa fan?

    Squirrel has his nuts on the Cards. Birds be the squirrel’s allies.

    • One fan. That number swells to three come playoff time and the band-wagoners come out of the woodwork.

      Although the Astros are pretty jealous of that fan. They had a fan, once, too.

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