Attention, Amazon Shoppers!

Well, I think that my media empire is filled with a pretty literate lot, and many of you probably frequent quite a bit already. Here’s the deal. If you’re going to buy something from Amazon anyway, I’d appreciate if you’d start by clicking the link from here. You don’t have to, no biggie, but if you do, I get a microscopic slice of the pie. It beats working for a living.

There is a more permanent (and much less obnoxious) link in the sidebar, which just says “Buy books, help Jer”. If you want to bookmark it (and of course you do!) you need to save the link, not the page it takes you to. For those using a decent browser, you should be able to just drag the link right off this page to your bookmarks.

2 thoughts on “Attention, Amazon Shoppers!

  1. I should note, also, that if somone was to buy 50001 or more items in a quarter, my slice of the pie becomes pretty substantial. That includes, I think, third-party sales, so you can buy used books and DVDs as well.

    Also, please consider amazon next time you’re buying a car.

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