An open question

There are two bartenders. One is pretty, and downright sweet, but she’s a bit quick with the beers. She ends up with too much head on the beer, which in turn means there’s not as much beer. Then there’s the dude, nice guy, and he fills the beers to well past required tolerances. Which one are you happier to see when you walk into the bar and why?

Women responding may want to switch around some of the above adjectives, but the question still applies.

9 thoughts on “An open question

  1. Ah! Philosophy! A great question. If a bartender falls in the woods and no one is around to hear his cries does he make a sound?

    I would say, in answer to Jer’s question, that when you talk bartenders, you aren’t just talking beer, you are talking bars. And when you talk bars, you aren’t just talking drinks, you are talking atmosphere. I posit that one can buy him or herself a fine brew at a package store, take it home, and enjoy it in front of a good NASCAR race. Thusly, and thereforely, the reason to go to a bar is not just the good beer, but also the atmosphere. Thereforely, and thusly, if you are wanting beer and atmosphere, you are interested in the bartender. We can only conclude, that any logician worth his socratic method, would correctly conclude he would be happier to walk in and see the pretty beer puller. QED, amen, and hefti. And if the big screen was showing the Coca Cola 600, so much the better.

    I look forward to my esteemed colleague, Squirrely Joe, putting together sentences that include the words “pretty bartender” and “a little bit of head.”

    I’m also thinking the phrase “pretty puller with pupper” has potential.

  2. Male, female, attractive, or not a full beer is usually what I want when I go into a bar. Give me the ugly and I’ll drink till its not.

  3. It depends. Are you going more for the beer, or more just to hang out? And do you know Czech for “not too much head on it, please”?

  4. I don’t like beer, so I’ll take any of ( friendly | intelligent | sweet | attractive | engaging | interesting ) over a full glass.

  5. I’d definitely go for the bartender who brings the full measure, not the one who makes me wish for the full monty. The one who depends on good looks to get by is often shallow, no matter the gender. Now, the one who looks good but also doesn’t slight me on the beer, that’s one worth paying attention to — that one’s not substituting splash for service.

  6. Pretty and downright sweet for me, please. I’ll by a six pack for taking home when it’s all about the beer.

  7. But what about the bar that never lets your pint/mug go empty and has it ready by the time you get to the table. That to me is attractive. And the price. I guess that could fall under atmosphere, but quality of service and quality of beer far out weigh a theme or gimmick

  8. Not letting the pint go empty is a good thing; keeping the giraffe full is also a good thing.

    Interesting typo in a newspaper ad featured this evening on Leno’s Headlines: A Sicilian restaurant featured a special on dinner for two, including a half-giraffe of wine. The couple that takes up that offer is really going to be staggering as they leave the restaurant!

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