An Open Letter to Café Press

There was a quality issue with some of the crap I sell through Café Press. Today I finally got around to doing something about it. Here is the (almost) exact text of the final message I sent to Jennifer, my support representative (one rather awful writing mistake fixed):

Hey, Jennifer,

I just want to waste a little more of your time to say that I am quite impressed with your swift and friendly service. Please forward the following message to your boss:

Dear Jennifer’s boss,

You’ve got a keeper there. I know you can’t give her a raise just on my say-so, but maybe next Friday you can let her off a little early. I think she’s earned it.

Yours in commerce,

Jerry Seeger

3 thoughts on “An Open Letter to Café Press

  1. line drawings on red, blue, and even orange fields are better than ever!

    I never saw the mushroom cloud. Sounds like it was dangerously close to my favorite hokej team!

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