A Set of Facts That Might be an Opportunity for the Right Person

A simple, unordered (perhaps obfuscated-ordered) list:

  • I tried to read Feeding the Eels on this site from start to finish but I could not.
  • I am growing seriously tired of spending my weekends fiddling with code
  • At this time, I have only indirect influence on hiring php programmers at my company—I can recommend, but there are no openings in my group.
  • At this time
  • I know php upside-down and sideways
  • I have decided that this is a year for finishing things.
  • I like to teach
  • I seriously don’t want to dig into the guts of my WordPress theme to figure out why I can’t read all of Feeding the Eels
  • I write software for a living
  • There are a lot of punk kids out there who can dance with WordPress and php even though only grandads seriously think php is cool
  • Feeding the Eels has been dangling, almost-finished, for years.
  • I would never ask a kid to work for free

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