A Cocktail Challenge

Your assignment, kids, is to come up with a cocktail with the following name: The Tears of Q Spirit. If you would prefer to avoid politics, The Tears of Ben Roethlisberger is an acceptable non-organic substitute.

Barring obvious troll recipes that include bologna or Barton’s QT, I will drink all the entries and judge them. There might be a prize, but even if there is, it will probably be something you don’t want. Feel free to suggest a prize, even if you don’t enter the contest.

Back in the heyday of this blog, I might have been able to expect as many as four entrants in this contest, but now, well, I’m just hoping for a chuckle. If you choose to answer on Facebook, I’ll even pop over there to check it out.


3 thoughts on “A Cocktail Challenge

  1. Untitled Drink
    The Tears of Q Spirit
    A Pathetic Dirty Martini

    Ingredients: frozen Russian vodka (but deny it’s Russian), chilled olives, chilled Fireball, chilled blood orange juice, and aged ice. Thai lime-rind twist (deny it’s foreign and zest the rest for curry — remember: no witnesses).

    Fill a cocktail shaker with aged ice and add one-and-a-half ounces of chilled Fireball and half an ounce of chilled olive brine. Shake and dump the liquid. Add four ounces of ice-cold vodka and one ounce of chilled blood orange juice. Shake twelve times, while singing one chorus of “Blister in the Sun.”

    Rinse out a chilled martini glass with a mix of olive brine and Fireball and strain the ingredients of the shaker into the glass. Garnish with a twist of Thai lime and serve with an olive on the side, with one of those plastic saber skewers. Make sure you stab the olive in the back.

    Once you’ve finished, deny everything and blame it all on Antifa and BLM (assuming you still have a blog by then).

  2. Googling Q Spirit identifies it as an LGBTQ spirtuality movement or something and i’m guessing thats not what your going for?
    q-anon? I had to google Ben Roethlisberger and Bartons too, so in my corner of the world context is entirely abscent.

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