A Big Muddled Milestone Approaches

Down near the bottom of the sidebar over there, you’ll see a few stats about this blog. There is one stat of which I’m really rather proud, even though it’s not really my accomplishment. The credit goes to you guys out there.

Muddled Ramblings and Half-Baked Ideas will soon have its 10,000th comment.

That’s a big deal. All those comments represent a huge amount of content and, well, intelligence that this little media empire would not have had otherwise. The comments are the second layer, the extra reward for those who choose to dig a little deeper.

How should we reward comment 10,000? Certainly it should not go unmarked. My first thought is to offer the same prize I did in a previous contest: the winner provides the opening sentence and I write a silly story based on that. It was a fun prize, especially since Bob (Bill Bob’s brother’s brother) came up with an excellent opening that resulted in Elephants of Doom.

Is there a better prize? Leave your ideas in the comments!


4 thoughts on “A Big Muddled Milestone Approaches

  1. Wow I went to your nephew’s blog and found your link! You live! And your hairs longer than mine now.

    Or was that a wig? Hmmmm….I hadn’t given it much thought but now that I do…yeah, ala the B-52’s “It’s a wig!!!!”

    Hope you are fine in your corner of the world. I’ve gone to the opposite side of the continent. Tis definitely different and getting some great pictures out of the world.

    From the counter I am not going to be 10,000 comment but if I am…”It’s a wig!” Write on it.

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