Focussed Marketing

Tonight I was watching the Finns skate against the Czechs. It was a decent contest, but Finns had my boys pretty much outclassed. My Bili Tigri goaltender gave up three, but that doesn’t reflect the chances the Finns had. None of that matters.

I have noticed in a few international matches that Garnier Fructis, the shampoo, is a major sponsor. At first this struck me as odd. In general, hockey fans are not the crowd I’d be selling fancy shampoo to.


Fructis Mullet formula.

Pay dirt, baby.

4 thoughts on “Focussed Marketing

  1. Actually, that Fructis is pretty good stuff, and it’s not all that expensive either — a shade more costly than Suave, but far less expensive than L’Oreal and just as good.

    Of course, having hockey sponsored by a hair-care company is a little weird.

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