Facts Suck

I had a get-poor-quick scheme all put together in my head, the result of musing while flossing and thinking “there has to be a better way!” I thought I was just a little bit of genetic engineering away from perfect teeth forever.

Foolishly, I actually went and looked up some facts before I wrote up the post. I’ll not be making that mistake again! Holy crap facts are the last thing I needed, and not really in keeping with the get-poor-quick ethos.

I did learn that the surface of your teeth is host to an amazingly complex and adaptable ecosystem with 1000 different kinds of bacteria, forming a complex structure that changes as time passes. My little genetically modified tooth scrubbers wouldn’t stand a chance; there’s nothing I could invent that’s not already in there and part of the system.


Hang on, I’ll get back to you on this after I don’t check some more facts.

*Sigh* Back to flossing.


6 thoughts on “Facts Suck

  1. And on the subject of facts, the 1000 species of bacteria I mention above are strictly the ones in the biofilm that coats your teeth. In your entire mouth the biodiversity is much greater, perhaps topping 25,000 species.

    There is a party in your mouth!

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