Capr, Prvni Den

Here is the extended version of the previous video, giving you the entire day’s exploits. The story is not finished – oh, no. Not by a long shot.

I learned a few things – first, give the camera plenty of time to get rolling and dont hit stop until long after I’m finished. But overall I really didn’t learn much about cooking carp.

11 thoughts on “Capr, Prvni Den

  1. For those waiting wit baited breath, 1) lay off the bait 2 )the new MOH is an Egg Friar

    I’ll update the thingie in the morning.

  2. I believe SJ has provide the answer to the color question (Is it brown? Is it red?): vomit color.

    You have given valuable advice to the egg fryers of the world, but I’m not so sure about the carp picklers.

  3. “Oh? the camera is on? this will be a long segment.”


    “Its not pretty.”

    So what does one do with a camera while filming the picklation of a carp? I have visions of you in the future filming somebody’s wedding – “What is that smell?”

  4. I actually cut the “I’m filming?” segment back to just the essence – gone are minutes of my phone call with Visa Guy and greatly shortened is the black space between hanging up and starting shooting again.

    My favorite lines: “It’s getting better already!” and “No. It’s not pretty.”

  5. I had a bizarre dream last night that Jer and I were in a fancy restaurant (sorry, no carp story here). The place was so fancy in fact, that you had to specify how you wanted your pasta done – rare, medium, well done. I was surprised, but Jer took it in stride, being a savvy gourmet who knows all about food and fancy restaurants.
    I woke up and pondered the idea of medium done spaghetti, and then thought about a recent cooking show episode I saw about pizza (middle of the night thoughts are not linear). Now that would be a fun video for Jer to make: How to make pizza dough. The show I watched was a disappointment – it is a favorite show of mine, entitled “Good Eats”, stars Alton Brown, and appears on the Food Channel network. I like it because it combines a lot of science with humor and just plain good cooking. However his pizza ep began with the admonishment that Americans spend far too much money on delivery pizza and if we only knew how great our own homemade pizza would be then we would quit forever. He then proceeded to spend the rest of the half hour episode taking us thru how to make fantastic pizza dough that (might as well of) involved flaming hoops, maneating sharks, punching down dough AT LEAST THREE times, and a 24 HOUR OVERNIGHT refrigerated wait.
    Ummmm…I respect you dude, but there is a WHOLE lot o’ difference between a 30 minute delivery and a effin 24 hour wait.
    So Jer, how ’bout it? Pizza, zero to finished in an hour? Camcorder is on…

  6. I think this episode sets a new record for feedback provided without using the obvious comments feature to provide comments. The biggest questions from many sources was “you cooked the fish?” which is apparently unusual in the fish-pickling world, and might be just one more thing that makes carp special. Of the three recipes I dug up for pickling carp, the only question was how long to cook it.

    I’m fairly certain I have Internet access right now, so I’m going to try to post an episode. If it doesn’t show up soon, that’s just another reason why O2 sucks.

  7. I still want to know who’s going to eat that once you’re done Jer.

    Jesse, email me at [email protected] and I can give you two recipes for homemade pizza that dont take overnight but are good. Both are not under hour because of proofing (yeast stuff) but not hard to do.

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