Welcome to Eureka (rhymes with Sligo)

You can say what you want about Denny’s, but it’s got one thing going for it: No door locks. I was wandering the blustery rustic streets of Eureka, and there was just one thing on my mind. Breakfast. I need breakfast the way a mole rat needs fur. (You see? would I have written that if I was not loopy with hunger and uncaffeinated?)

The historic downtown district has been prettied up for the tourists, and I was confident that I would find a nice little café where I could drink a nice cup of tea. The cold rain stung my face as I walked, and I was thankful for my beard. Not too far along I found a place. Closed. I passed some nice-looking places, but they all opened later. Ooooo-kay. Starting to get hungry. Ahead I saw a bagel place. Perfect! It turns out they are open six days a week, but not on Tuesdays. Tuesdays! Around a corner and another block toward the bay was a promising sign. Sorry, closed, out of business, thanks for your support.

So, Denny’s, for almost-right eggs over easy and toast oozing butter. Delicious!

18 thoughts on “Welcome to Eureka (rhymes with Sligo)

  1. Hey Jerry, You should have been wandering around Arcata. There’s several places open for breakfast around the square, including a few bars, and a much different vibe than Eureka.

    I’ve Been lurking on your blog for about a year now. For some reason, it fascinates me. Maybe it’s that whole, quit job, drove around America, now living in Prague thing.

    (Perhaps you’re wondering who the heck this is? It’s been a long time since we shared an office at Cornerstone Court.)

  2. Ah, yes, Denny’s can come through in a pinch. I remember a late night passing through Socorro, and what was open was the Denny’s (which used to be Jerry’s and before that Hobo Joe’s). In a bizarre coincidence of some sort, our waitress was a former sailor from Plymouth (the one in England) who’s now an engineering student. We were delighted to be able to tell her that NM Tech now has a sailing club.

  3. Steve! Holy crap! I was thinking of you as I drove down 101, remembering your tales of Humboldt county. Are you still in San Diego?

  4. Hey, guys!

    Timm Ryan. Wow, it’s been, what, 13 years or so?

    I’ve seen Jerry a few times since JLC. Seems like every other time I went to Callahans, Jerry would be there typing away. (Okay, maybe it was just a couple of times.)

    I can’t remember the last time I saw Timm.

    I’m still in San Diego, working at that big Tax place for a year now (still loaded with former JLC’ers). Happily married for 7 years now, but still a little jealous of Jerry’s road trips. I love a road trip!

    Anyway, after seeing Jerry was in Humboldt, heck, I just had to post.

  5. Lurkers! egads. You mean our intimate little clique isn’t?
    Okay, lurkers, all those previous posts where I discussed my crazy mother and how the emotional damage forced me to give sensual massages to a galapagos tortoise while wearing a rainbow “John 3:16” wig are…simply not true.

    Please disregard them.

    It was just a joke.

    Actually it is McSwede’s problem and I was just surrogate venting for him.

  6. Well, one mystery solved: now I know who the other Muddled Rambler is with the Intuit IP address who occasionally shows up in Site Meter when I know darn well I was working Real Hard and not surfing.
    StevenA: I now know everything about you that the corporate directory can tell me.

  7. I’m only a semi-lurker. I post occaissionally and try to throw off Jerry’s google stats by getting to the page using weird searches, although I haven’t done it as much lately.

    Someone mentioned Kandy, is that Kandy D from way back when? If not, anyone have her email?


  8. I rarely lurk in the comments. Your secrets are safe…except…where there is one lurker there are more – even on Jerry’s blog. All those google searches for “squirrel suicide” have to go somewhere.

    Keith: the only Keith I remember from Jostens is Stowman (haven’t heard from him in a reallly long time). Looking at the Intuit directory for “keith”, I’m guessing Sherwood. The name sounds familar, but we never crossed paths at JLC.

  9. Timm, please refer to “Women from Jerry’s past” chain (see Favorite Threads) for rules, strategies, and tips for digging up women from Jerry’s past. Remember, the important thing is to intimate an intimate relationship with Jerry, even when none existed. I look forward to your work with Kandy.

    StevenA, I moved from JLC to Intuit in Feb 94 when they shelved Windows development of RIMS. I was indeed at Cornerstone Ct (and the building before that) but I never made it up to Pacific Heights.

  10. Kieth,

    I’ll see what I can do.

    BTW, I’ve spotted you a couple of times on Black MT RD, I live over by the fire station.


  11. surrogate venting?

    FuGoF! I knew you had a porn background. Don’t complicate your fantasies by bringing me into them. You ain’t got the cash.


  12. Denny’s lies! I was booted out of the 24 hour (“Well, not in a *row* …”) Denny’s in Tiajuana, when it closed on Xmas eve. I was hoping to take refuge there, having missed a bus south … they don’t let you sleep in the bus station (Federales come by and kick you in the feet if you nod off).

    Jer … are you coming for a visit? Should I leave my weekend open/stay in town? You’re a great guy, but you are fer shite to plan around ;)

    I have your car title, BTW. -b.

  13. does denny’s serve beer 24-7? i know several places in my town that do. get ur ass back home. debauchery ensues upon your arrival. and this time, certain McScandanavians will not be spared.

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