Tired… so very, very, tired

As any regular here is no doubt aware, I do much of my writing outside the house. This is especially true now that I have high-speed Internet in the home. I have a nice routine: tend to the media empire and do some coding in the mornings (online references are indispensable when programming), then head out somewhere to escape the Unlimited Information that is not conducive to creativity.

If there is a flaw in the plan, it is that I spend a lot of time in places that serve beer. I like beer. Even drinking slowly, over the course of an afternoon it adds up, and the writing suffers and the next day is not as swell as it might otherwise be. Still, I have to be drinking something while I sit there, so I have been ordering tea at first and drinking that until my movements are twitchy and birdlike, then switching to beer when I’m almost done anyway.

I’m not sleeping much at night.

8 thoughts on “Tired… so very, very, tired

  1. Jer, I recommend a cocktail of Slivovice and Red Bull. Having never tried this combination it is an easy thing to recommend to others. While it does not draw out the linger-in-bars experience you are trying to accomplish, it does celebrate your past. Was it mountain dew and beer at NMIMT? Or something else just as crazy?

    Slivovice and Red Bull
    mix well and take a pull
    thin becomes thick,
    my blood is full

  2. Do you think Hemmingway fretted over the effect his alcohol consumption (or womanizing, or insert-bad-habit-here) had on his writing? No way, Red Bull breath. I say relish it as part of what makes you who you are. Embrace it like the satin-clad curve of a woman’s back. Caress it like the solid wooden stock of your safari rifle.

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