I hear those stunt men are crazy

I don’t want to give too much away (as if anything I’m putting in the script now will make it to the screen anyway), but I just wrote a new Most Dangerous Scene To Film. The old Most Dangerous Scene To Film involved two open cars tied together, speeding down the highway while people clamber all over them. Lots of people, fighting one another with cutlasses. Oh, yeah, there’s a big rig coming the other way. (I figure that part’s just a matter of editing magic.) The new MDTFS requires a convertible overflowing with people to jump over a sheer canyon, while other cars crash and fall in.

I’m sure fuego will wave his hands and say “No problem! We do crazier things all the time in this business!” Still, that seems pretty nuts. The stunt people are definitely going to earn their pay on this one. If, that is, we find a way to pay them.

Immediately after writing the above, I returned to the script and wrote the Most Impossible Scene To Film. Oh, but it would be sweet. The moment after the final credits that would just seal the movie, and reward those who stayed. Let’s hope for editing magic.


13 thoughts on “I hear those stunt men are crazy

  1. I like it I like it, but what if. And this is just a thought here, but what if they could be squirrels. Squirrels with little tiny swords and eyepatches.

  2. Oh Boy! Me #37003

    Back on the throne for another session of perviousness!

    Jerry please to confirm my declaration of victory. An end to the reign of egg fryers and other hangers on!

    Wine, song! Bring me my minstrels! *clap-clap*

  3. Uh, excuse me, but my view of sitemeter has Brian of San Diego/nethere.net/polexis/Firefox/ LOSER being visitor 37,002, with the ever modest and humble Keith of San Diego/Intuit/WINNER is visitor 37,003. I believe 37,002 is divisible by 2, and therefore not worth the pixels your eroneous claim is printed on. You, sir, are not even pervious; just even.

  4. Sure enough – I just looked at the San Diego origin of the hit and validated Brian’s claim. I blame the late hour – I had stayed up just so I could log the new MOH.

    In a recount requested by the electorate, The Committee acknowledges Keith as the new MOH. Keith, the MOH’s corner awaits you.

    It was good to see the egg-fryers boxed out on both sides by concerned and politically active citizens.

  5. Because Brian and I share many of the same values that made this blog great, I am prepared to toss down the gauntlet of friendship and invite him to join my administration as Ambassador to Egg-Friers and ne’er do well Limeys. And if that isn’t enough, I’m prepared to throw in the post of Under Secretary to the Women from Jerry’s Past.

  6. Brian, please accept the portfolio of Ambassador to the entire Order of Rodentia. Whether each Family requires Ministers of Defense or Trade Representatives, I leave entirely in your furry little paws.

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