Karlovy Vary Film Festival, Day 3

Two surprises tonight. Hostel II was actually a pretty good flick if you’re into that kind of thing, and the short films sucked. Some of them had visual appeal, and there was a touch of irony here and there, but not one damn short told a story. It was all about images. I feel better about Pirates, now. It would have brought down the house tonight; the audience was hungry for something more than what they were given. They were craving the originality and offbeat humor that you get in a good short film. Maybe it’s the fault of the people who decide what to put in the show, but honestly I was fighting off sleep while I watched.

5 thoughts on “Karlovy Vary Film Festival, Day 3

  1. The one thing about the eastern time zone…I have no ability to stay up late and watch local news, much less the Leno/Letterman thingiemabobs.
    The other thing about EDT is I can beat Bob-Bill’s-Bro to the punch by wishing everyone a grand and memorious happy miniskirt day.

  2. inre: the short films sucking:
    I am reminded of your previous blog entry where you discussed a group of young film students in a bar talking about how long to let the cigarette burn. And how foolish it was. All image and no story.

  3. Happy Miniskirt Day.

    Congrats, Jes, on being first.

    It doesn’t look like there will be a poll for the final line of the Miniskirt Day haiku. Still, my vote goes to John’s offering of “Is that quarter yours?”. I chuckle at the thought of John going to beer gardens and sprinkling quarters around as seed money.

  4. “No Country For Old Men” is not here, but the film that beat it at Cannes is. I was looking forward to seeing it, but in the end there’s not much reason for it to show here. They already have distribution, they already have great critical notice, and the American press only covers one film festival on a different continent.

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