Exchange Rate Blues

I charge $30 for a license that allows a person to use Jer’s Novel Writer without being nagged occasionally. When I first came to visit the Czech Republic, that money could buy me more than 120 beers at one of the cheaper places. Now, just a few years later, thirty bucks buys about 22 beers in the same bars.

5 thoughts on “Exchange Rate Blues

  1. Yikes.

    Still, here in the US, that $30 will get 15 pseudo-beers at happy hour in the cheaper places. For real beer, you’re looking at maybe getting eight or so.

  2. I just looked: 16.14 kc/$. That means the beer’s up to $1.30! At least Lüfthansa doesn’t charge for the in flight bier. But, they serve 355ml biers.

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