Calling Dr. Jer

Amy has a toddler, and a job she can’t afford to take any time off from. Yesterday when Noah woke up with a fever and sniffles, Amy was in a bind. Just how much of a bind became obvious when I ended up watching the kid. While I’m sure I could pick up all those child care skills, I’ve managed to avoid ever needing to.

Luckily, Noah really likes the duck animation. It ruled out my getting any work done, but once I showed Noah how to click to run the animation again, my life became much easier. Eventually the animation lost some of it’s charm, but clicking the replay button never got old. Whenever the animation finished he’d drop whatever he was doing and restart it.

This morning Noah was doing a lot better, which meant he was much more active. I was relieved a few minutes ago, just as Noah was running out of steam, struggling valiantly to keep his eyes open. Now I am free to get some properly Americanized Chinese food for lunch, and tonight Surfside Sushi calls.

8 thoughts on “Calling Dr. Jer

  1. Haven’t heard from you…dummy …*grins wickedly*

    Glad you made it here.

    Toddlers are fun. I am playing with niece tomorrow.

  2. And now you get the toddler’s disease! What fun, eh? I know I really enjoyed Kindergarten Syndrome in August when my granddaughter trundled off to school. (NOT)

  3. Yeah, this pass through San Diego has been pretty much of a bust. Now I can either try to get everything done today or just punt and come back later.

  4. Thanks again Jer! As we didn’t get to enjoy the vino as we always do it was good to see you! Just think now your ready to be uncle Jer…sort of. ps thanks for educating him on computer skills. It’s never to early to learn!

  5. One comment … Jer already is an uncle … of a nephew who’s to be awarded his Eagle Scout rank this coming Saturday … assuming said nephew doesn’t blow the house up in the meantime …

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