Another Pre-Travel All-Nighter

So it’s coming up on midnight, and the shuttle is arriving to carry me away by the dawn’s early light. My suitcase is still in the closet, but I have created a pile of electronic gear in the middle of the office floor. I now own socks that are a color other than white and I have added another tie to the collection. Honestlly, there’s not much more to do until 5:45 in the morning.

Visitors to these pages please be aware that for the next two weeks I aim to collect a bunch of stories, but I don’t know when I’ll be able to share them with you. I’ll be on a boat most of the time, and when I’m exploring the back alleys of Bejing I’ll not be bringing my laptop with me. I hope to b able to update occasionally, but there’s no guarantee.

Meanwhile, I have a story idea (almost) literally fizzing in my head (hold out for NaNoWriMo… hold out for NaNoWriMo…) and a blog episode about advertising on the verge of exploding out of my ears. The creative juices are flowing, boys and girls!

Manwhile, stay tuned, and talk among yourselves. You guys really don’t need me anyway. Maybe you can all coordinate holiday plans or something. MuddlePallooza 2009!

14 thoughts on “Another Pre-Travel All-Nighter

  1. ‘Manwhile’ is my new favorite word, Jerry! Now give us a suitable definition for it. One that’s not a homoerotic innuendo, as that’s just too obvious.

    MEANWHILE, I hope the trip is fantastic for you all and will be waiting for those stories with a fevered brow.

    • manwhile – the time between the moment a man says a chore will be done and the moment the chore is completed, usually spent sleeping, watching football or “just finishing this chapter”

      not to be confused with

      menwhile – the “hour” that men refer to when going out for a beer with the guys, that prides itself on not conforming to the more traditional sixty minute measure of “an hour”

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