And then there’s Mikie

The real beginning of this blog, on Road Trip Day 1 of Muddled Year Zero, a happy occasion, also marks the end of my years with Mikie. The first two days of that road trip are the last time I ever saw the guy.

Had I been serious about this blog earlier, your opinion of me, dear reader, might be different. We had some times. Getting kicked out of Las Vegas and driving through Trona with two chihuahuas. Karaoke violence in Louisville, KY. Strong drinks and slurred words. Mikie and I, we go back.

I just heard from him recently, and this Kentucky Derby brought back memories. I’m just sitting here right now, thinking about all the things we did. Most of them, I’d do again.

Most of them.


1 thought on “And then there’s Mikie

  1. When you’ve been a member of the bloggcomm from day one, you tend to go straight to the meat and ignore the rest of the page. I just noticed that the poems are cycling thru faster with a neat fade in-out. Tres’ cool. I like it. The poems were one of the fun bloggcomm activities that faded as all fun things do. I encourage you to speed up the cycling a bit, and maybe add another column. I am really enjoying reading peoples work. Had forgotten all about it.

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