I started writing this a couple of weeks ago. I had written of my adventure in a crowded store after forgetting how to say “excuse me.” I posted the episode and then noticed I had an email from Keith.

Here’s the thing. On the day I write about making my way through crowded drug store aisles, I read about how he scaled Everest with his pants down. Or something like that. It doesn’t stop there. Keith’s kids have huge adventures, too. It’s like the army commercial but worse. Before this boy reaches ten years old he will have done more than you will ever manage to pull off in your whole miserable life. While I’m sure his kids will on occasion disagree, Keith’s the kind of guy I’ll hire to raise my kids, should I ever have any. Or, perhaps, cuckoo-like, I could slip my progeny into the Sherwood nest to be raised as one of theirs.

So, adventure. When I meet people who know about my dislocated lifestyle, they say, “you must have had lots of adventures.” Well, yes and no. My so-called adventures are generally just inconveniences with some floral prose wrapped around them. I didn’t look for the adventure, it assaulted me. When I overcome adversity, it would hardly be appropriate for me to throw my hands in the air and shout to any gods who would care to listen “Yeah! Wahooooooooo! Fuckin-aaaaaaaa” That’s just not what you do in a drugstore, even if it is a chain.

I do think, however, that all my little adventures do add up to something. I’d be lying to say I’m not proud of my decision to put a hold on a lifestyle that saw me successful, sheltered, and fed to go off romping around the world in pursuit of new goals. Raising a family, I imagine, is a similar adventure, filled with a long series of little surprises as well, the subtle lessons that never end and slowly change who you are. The only thing that makes my adventures stand out is that they’re different. All parents go through the diaper poop explosion. That doesn’t make it less of an adventure than figuring out the bottle return thingie at the grocery store, though.

So I’ll continue with my little adventures, built largely on uncertainty rather than heroism, and I’ll enjoy the stories of others whose adventures tend more to the spectacular. And I’ll remember that life itself is the grandest adventure of all, and that we are all in it together.

18 thoughts on “Adventure

  1. An idea for adventure – Marek, one of the owners of the Sonora Rearuarant a block away from our humble mansion, asked us to pick up some mescal for him while we were here, and now I can’t find where I had it written down. We need you to go over to Restuarace Sonora, and ask Marek the name of the Agave Sauce he wanted. To make it more of an adventure, I am not going to give you any help.

    Let the Adventure Begin and Good Luck!

  2. Mezcal! Ouch! That stuff’s nasty. OK, I’ve been meaning to go there anyway. If Marek’s there, I’ll ask.

    To reduce the adventure of your return, I should try to be in when you get back, since your key won’t work anymore. When do you arrive?

  3. Marek was not there today. And Adam, I would say that Sonora is perhaps more Mexican than most mexican places in San Diego. However, I do love the San Diego version.

    Of course, none of us would confuse either of the above with New Mexican food.

  4. There is a place in Warsaw that has pretty good enchaladas, and a great brunch too. The Mezcal he is looking for is pretty top end. As you may have noticed, they do like their Tokillya in there.

  5. I’m using 1.4.1 – I got iBlog free as some sort of Apple promotion a while back. It’s got a pretty decent client application, but there are definitely some annoying quirks.

    As far as advice goes, I think consistency is the most important thing for budding media whores. When people come to the site they should see new stuff most of the time. I need to be more consistent myself. To get lots of Google hits, mention sex from time to time.

  6. OK, now I know that Pollhost is likely in charge of Rio Arriba County politics. I cast my vote in the new poll, and when the current tally of votes came up, the option I voted for showed 0 votes. There’s something fishy here.

  7. Well, unlike Rio Arriba County, you will need to wait until tomorrow to vote again.

    Although maybe you hit view instead of vote by accident. Try voting again.

  8. I went to Piker’s to try to pull up The Cowboy God from the archives, and it won’t let me follow the link. I can’t share your works if I can’t reach them…

  9. Thanks Jerry. I too picked up the free stuff from Apple and should have it up a going by the weekend. And this gives me a reason to learn HTML.

  10. I went to the cowboy god/piker press site. Your short story mentions the folding chairs of the cowboy church. Google ads about folding chair rentals in my area appeared in the sidebar. It’s…well…godlike. Omniscient. Google Ads are a god and it knows all about me. I have a message from god to rent folding chairs. Somehow I have to make a temple for this. Maybe Google Ads will send more instructions…I can only hope and pray.

  11. In one of the Piker forums someone posted about the way their dog farted after eating christmas cookies. Google put up two ads: Cure your flatulent dog, and Austin Powers on DVD.

    You be the judge.

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