Submitted a Freakin’ Story

Just finished rebuilding the ending to a story and getting it off to a publisher. It has been, I think, six months since I submitted anything, let alone to a pro market. I really like this story but the ending has never been as strong as it is now. I hope.

Over the next couple of days I’ll be getting another story out to an anthology. It’s a story I wasn’t sure would ever find a home, but this might just be its chance.

There’s another very short story I might send over to Piker Press, so they don’t forget me completely, and because it’s fun to share.


5 thoughts on “Submitted a Freakin’ Story

  1. OK, second submission in. I’m not optimistic about it; the story is a bit too long and not grabby enough for most editors. I’ve been trying to slim it down for about two years now, but in the end, this is the way the story fits best.

    I might be the only person who enjoys it, but I thought I’d give an editor of an anthology a chance to read it.

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