Round One Complete

There are still several hours left before the deadline, but, well, I was done, so I submitted my entry. I just saw this message:

Seeing this screen means your entry arrived.

Finally, congratulate yourself for having the courage to say,
“I can create on deadline,” and then doing it. Yay!

There is nothing more to do; my fate is in the hands of the judges now. Let’s all keep our fingers crossed for a top-100 finish. Think positive thoughts and all that crap. I’ll be posting my entry here in a while, but I’m going to reread the rules to make sure it’s OK first.

To the rest of you still working on the challenge: You can do it! Go Team Muddle!

6 thoughts on “Round One Complete

  1. Jo my man, just finished my third scene. Going to have a nice snack of an Americano and a Sacher Mini, read them over, and decide which one to polish!

    On this end, the time difference is quite nice! Of course, for round three, it will kinda suck…


    • OK, the drawback to doing three different ones is choosing the one that you like best…after a bit of debate, and a little help from my firends, I choose one…and got it in with a minute to spare! Now, it is 5 1/8 pages…so I might be SOL anyway…


      • The Web site said that the five-page limit was not an automatic deal killer, but the more you go over the less forgiving the judge will be. Let’s hope that was true!

        Do you plan to post any of your efforts?

        • It’s just a tiny bit over, but I will be using Final Draft for the next two rounds (note the confidence) since it has a lot more flexibility in the formatting department.

          Did you find anything in the rules about posting the scenes? I suppose the two I didn’t send in…unless by some miracle I can use them for the next rounds…


          • The only rules were that the entrant has to have all rights to the work. I’m going to go ahead and post mine in the morning.

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