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If the top story in this week’s Piker Press seems familiar to you, that’s because it is an improved version of a story that appeared here first. It was, in fact, the favorable response from readers here that encouraged me to fix it up a bit and give it a life beyond the blog. The story takes place on the first warm day of spring, so in a sense it is antiseasonal. Yesterday I enjoyed tea on a bench outside a coffee shop on a chilly day that left no doubt that winter is fast approaching.

If you want to leave a comment about the story, you have to go to its dedicated, photoless page. You can see a list of everything of mine that has appeared in the press here.

The accompanying photo is also by me (though enhanced by the Piker editorial staff), snapped from a location near the beer window mentioned in the story.


2 thoughts on “On the cover at Piker Press

  1. I forgot to comment. I enjoyed the story and the way it traveled.

    Also should be noted that Jerry wrote my bio for the authors section. Fiction or non-fiction…dunno


  2. I really needed to read a good short story. I was losing my way writing my own and thinking that most short stories are pretty awful. Not this one though. Thanks.

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