JerNoWriMo canceled due to Pirate activity

Don’t quite know what to say here except HOLY CRAP!

Pirates of the White Sand won the Fellini Award at the Duke City Shootout. Shooting starts July 22. There’s a lot to do before the shooting starts. Casting is supposed to be done next week, and I want to be there for at least part of that, to make sure our pirates have that completely over-the-top energy we need.

We’re making a movie! Our movie! That we wrote! Dang, that’s cool.

12 thoughts on “JerNoWriMo canceled due to Pirate activity

  1. Holy Crap! Will there be boobies in it? Dude ,if there are any porn scenes I am, like, totally huge. I could help with the casting of those scenes as well.

    ” Argggh! A one eyed pirate I’ll show thee!”

  2. V’stupne, things look like they’re going to get interesting. Congratulations and happy shooting. Where will you be shooting?

  3. Congratulations, you dirty egg flipping bastard! Take the food out of the wee Jacques spawns mouths, will you?

    Damn you, Damn you to all hell.You damn dirty ape!

  4. Man, that’s fantastic! You need any extras, I’ve got a lot of students who’d love to get in on it.

    I’m just speechless. Jaubbalblebauybhyuh.

  5. I just hope we do you all proud, and when it’s done we’ve proven that we deserve the opportunity. It’s too bad fuego didn’t take heed on Quit Your Job Day. Things are going to be hectic, especially for him.

  6. Congratulations!!! where does all this take place? Who are the stars you have hired. You become a supermodel and look what happens.

  7. Pants, you might want to look into the finalist in the Carmen Miranda category, whose title was something like “Confessions of a Bra Shopper.” One warning: the rules allow each film a maximum of two cast members who are not New Mexico residents. You’d have to convince the director that you have something special to offer.

  8. Congratulations! All that time spent at the Tit talking about making movies was actually worthwhile. Are you still in touch with Steph Odom? I know she would be amazed.

  9. Stephanie is getting hitched real soon. I am personally insulted that she does not hang on every word I writer here, but she is now aware of Pirates. I didn’t get an amazed feeling from her emails. Once she sees the product, though, then we’ll see.

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