“Have your eyes ever glown red?” sounds so much better than “have your eyes ever glowed red?” I have no reference that would allow me to use this, however. Any help out there? (Keeping in mind that I’ll use any word I want, but going against the grain is a conscious risk.)

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  1. Extra points for you! Unless, of course, you knew that was a schematic for a dalek because I mentioned it in the What’s New section a while back.

    For those wondering what the heck we’re talking about, the graphic behind this site is a page from the actual procedure used to create daleks for Dr. Who.

  2. Sounds like one of my favorite words: “gloam”. Amazing that it would have a nearly opposite meaning. I imagine that something which “glown” red did so gradually, like a worn out L.E.D. made in the seventies.

  3. Again, I am stunned by the serendipitousness and synchrononicity of this blog. The connections are amazing.
    The glown is actually the first human unit, and refers to the portion of grubs divvied amongst our hunter-gatherer forebears.

  4. I’ve glown with anticipation for the “Elephants of Doom”. The story is a prize for something I don’t remember.

    More important is that MR&HBI has reached a major milestone, >50K visits, and has a distinguished MOH to mark the occasion, yours truly.

    Hi Jer,
    Since donations seem to have worked well in your software empire, perhaps you can set up a process where we can donate and then get a “Pirates …” DVD sent to us. If you’d rather just deliver one to me, you’d be more than welcome to drop by for another visit.


  5. fiddy21, congratulations. Perhaps you’ve met C5K3. Illustrations to EoD are still pending (*ahem* JH and Lydia). If only the story lived up to all the anticipation.

  6. show: shown
    glow: glown

    It’s as simple as that.

    My dictionary relates gloam and glow. Perhaps the lingering, fading glow of twilight. A word of waning, naming something for what is being lost. See also: Freedoam.

  7. OK, I have Lydia’s illustrations, but I’m not going to be able to get them in tonight. I thought I had the necessary gumption to go late tonight, but already I’m flagging.

  8. First time I can remember hearing the word “gloan,” was that Lou Reed tune “Last Great American Whale.” Truely the Don MacLean of his generation Reed summed it up ala American Pie when he said, or did quote, “stick a fork in their ass, turn them over, they’re dead.”
    But yeah, somewhere in that song I do distinctinctly remember him saying something about a lighthouse that did gloan ghostly there at night, or some junk

  9. Comparig Lou Reed to Don MacLean is like comparing Lagavulin to Southern Comfort. As a useless point of trivisa, in that song, Lou’s friend Buck who says the line you quote is actually Jonh Mellancamp.

    That album, New York, is one of the few I took the time to capture off vinyl before I bagan my Odyssey. The others were The Bells, also by Lou Reed, the soundtrack to Repo Man, and the soundtrack to Get Crazy.

  10. You have to appreciate the irony of someone named Nico comparing Lou Reed (of the Velvet Underground) to Don MacLean.
    Fdiddy (rhymes with P-Diddy) had that album (American Pie — not the soundtrack) in the Rabbit, didn’t he?
    And in an interesting bit of “today’s culture,” my boys recognize American Pie only as the source of a Wierd Al parody. And they prefer Wierd Al.

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