Big June

It’s been June for about two hours now, Pacific Daylight Time. It’s going to be a big month. I have mede some commitments.

I will exercise. I have joined a team health habit challenge with some coworkers and I will not let them down.

I will blog. Every day this month I will post some half-assed shit. Welcome to the first installment of that.

I will write. Every damn day I will add to Munchies. Or subtract from Munchies. Whatever’s right at the time.

Addendum: I will remember to hit “Publish” after I write a blog episode.


1 thought on “Big June

  1. June. One month shy of halfway mark.
    30 days. That’s doable. 31 days is an extra stretch; February is like cheating.
    Yeh. Hit publish. That works.

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