An Onomatopoeia Question

Hey guys! It’s November, and that means the annual tradition of pooping out a novella in a single month is under way. My time will be more limited this year, so I plan to use the bloggcomm as a resource. I’m going to toss out questions here and let you guys mull over things, rather than getting hung up on the details myself. We’ll see how it goes (it may take longer to ask the question here than to think of a good answer myself, but I like the group-participation angle.)

First Question:

If you have a human heart in a zip-lock bag, and the heart is still beating, how would you describe the sound?

10 thoughts on “An Onomatopoeia Question

  1. I’m assuming you have some means of making sure that the heart keeps beating even when it’s in a zip-lock bag, such as electric pulses to keep it beating, and a means of keeping blood flow through the capillaries to keep it alive.

    The sound that a zip-lock bag would make would be something like, “schwick, schwick.”

    OK, I’ve answered yours; now you answer mine. To what extent do minor-league hockey teams in California get media coverage? Is it limited to short clips on the local television station and game coverage in the newspaper, or do they sometimes get a whole game broadcast?

  2. The Gulls in San Diego may get full-game coverage on some obscure channel these days, but I think it’s more about the occasional clip on the evening local news. AHL teams might get more coverage. I’m in an NHL town now, and that’s a lot different.

    A very brief search got me to but I didn’t see anything about TV schedules.

  3. I like “schwick” except I think it would have a less definite ending, maybe more like “schwilsh”?

    And for hockey, I can’t speak too much for Southern California because I didn’t pay much attention to hockey when I lived there, but around these parts, you are either the Sharks or you are nobody.

  4. Oh, dear, now I have a team name problem … I was going to call my team the Siete Mares Seagulls, but that’s too similar to the existing San Diego team name. Sea Lions are out, too — that’s the local minor-league baseball team. Hmm … the Siete Mares Shad?

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