… its own Reward

I just prevailed in a design discussion with my boss. The result: I get to implement the feature.


4 thoughts on “… its own Reward

    • Boss had made a change to one part of the software to cover a problem, but his change caused other problems. I thought when I pointed out that his change caused the new problems, that fixing it would become his problem. Further, when I demonstrated that the best fix was at the very site of his previous change, I imagined that repair would become his responsibility. But by doing all that I also demonstrated that I understood the initial problem better. Which meant, well…

        • Feature’s in; done right. My boss has excellent “reasonableness radar” — he can sniff bullshit a mile away, and he helps me spot holes in my own reasoning all the time. But when it comes to composing a system thoughtfully, I kick his ass. It’s really a good partnership.

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