Here’s a picture of me taken yesterday:

Yeah, buddy, that's his own hair.

Pretty stylish, eh?

Here I am this morning:

It's going to be a wig!

And shortly thereafter:

Soon thereafter

This is what I look like now.

Almost respectable! I don’t think there’s much more to say. Thanks to everyone who participated in the fundraiser. Maybe I’ll do it again in a few years.


2 thoughts on “Shorn!

  1. Awesome!
    [the band took a vote, maannn, and we decided you’re out. Then we realized you are so stylish now you’ll bring lots of groupies. So you’re back in, dude. /flashes devil horns]

  2. First, let me complement you on your awesome T-shirt! I notice that your shearing didn’t draw nearly the crowd it did in Spain …

    Thanks, on behalf of the universe, for doing this (uh, the fundraising, that is … I don’t care if you get your haircut, unless it’s a spectator sport). -b.

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