Pop Quiz

You have a pile of chips and a bowl of guacamole. You’re hungry. Life is pretty good.

Except… there are about three times as many chips as the bowl of guac can support at ideal dip levels. Don’t forget, you’re hungry. Do you:

  • Enjoy chips with ideal guacamole levels while it lasts, then eat the rest of the chips dry
  • OR
  • Stretch the guacamole to make every bite a little better than a dry chip

No going Kobayashi Maru here and ordering more guacamole.

6 thoughts on “Pop Quiz

  1. What’s the matter with dry chips? I love dry chips. Even when there’s dip, my usual pattern is to alternate between dip and no dip. Dry chips are a palate cleanser, you actually enjoy the dip more when you take small breaks from it.

  2. This is a test isn’t it! Ahhggg, I’m freaking out. The guac is really a small dying child, and the chips are really a town next to a chemical plant about to explode. Ahgggggg. I don’t know, I don’t know. WHO DO I EAT? I MEAN SAVE????? It’s all too much.

  3. “I don’t believe in the no win situation.”

    “Are you aware of the Klingon proverb, that chips are a dish best served dry?”

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