My New Cube

Welp, it’s official, I’m a salaried employee of Apple. It’s not that big a change from being a contractor; I’ll be doing the same work as before.

While I was traveling my department moved to a new building, so when I got to my new cube for the first time, this is what I saw:


And yes, I do get a discount on stuff, and yes, they assume I’ll be buying for friends and family as well. So if you need a Mac system or an iPod (no iPads at this time), let me know.


24 thoughts on “My New Cube

  1. All right!!! I’m an Apple Ho!! Can you tell me how to make my font larger on my screen? (08 MacBook) I thought I was supposed to be able to hold down the button and spread my fingers on the pad, but it no workie…I know that sounded nasty, but you know what I mean!!

  2. I took some one on one class in Apple…
    always great understanding!
    last week my IPhone loose all contacts
    and was totaly out … went to Apple – magic!!
    everything is back with little remark- well you got the original.???? my answer: if you got
    a Jaguar and it’s get old you don’t trow it
    do you??? laugh and always coó people
    work there… soo i am big FAN!!!!
    wish you all luck!!!!

  3. [high five] wtg.
    Less money but more benefits.
    I’d order something up, but assume the shipping costs would mitigate your discount.
    Having a real salaried position = great.
    Having colleagues who fill your cubical with friendly balloons (plus super who takes you to gout clinic) = priceless

    • The first system I buy each year is 25% off, the next three 15%. Same for each model of iPod, so I think that comes out to about fifteen iPods a year. Shipping on the iPods would be small.

      I’m not sure how to claim the benefit yet, but I assume I can have it shipped directly to you, which in most cases would make shipping free.

  4. Way to go, Jerry!!! You’ve gone civilized on us now, what will we do???? Good to hear good things about good people, ol’ buddy. Now go make some wicked cider and appletinis.

  5. By the way, it’s good to see those fortran classes we took at NMIMT weren’t a complete waste of time…… no, wait, actually, they still were.

    • Also, if it weren’t for Dr. Bob, I wouldn’t be able to say “I used to work there” every time the VLA appears in a movie or on TV. One of the most valuable things I got from Tech.

  6. Welcome back to corporate life drone-boy. And I mean that to be delivered with much dripping of the sarcasms.

    Question: Do you have to wear shoes?

  7. Hey Jerry, Congrats on your job. I don’t mean to crash your excitement but am pretty sure that all those benefits (ipod discounts, etc.) have fine prints, somewhere. I doubt that Apple gets to be so generous with its employees —- if nothing else, they might ask to be paid a fee, after all you are part of the “cult” now! :-)

    • Yeah, there’s fine print all right. Somewhere in one of the things I signed it apparently says I have to do work for them, like, almost every day. Curses! Hornswoggled!

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