An Afternoon at the Movies

My sweetie and I have been an item for a long time now (years!), but yesterday marked the first time we ever went to a movie together. How is this possible? I just don’t know. There’s always something else to do, I guess.

Despicable Me came out while I was off on my adventures, but the light of my life turned down an invitation to see it with friends so she could watch it with me instead. It took more than a week, but finally we managed to chuck all excuses into the “later” bin and off we went.

To watch the movie in 3D: $12:50. The same movie in 2D: $5.50. 2D wins! (3D for me remains a gimmick to cover for the lack of a plot or at least interesting characters.) We went to the little cinema, paid the afternoon price, and plopped down for the flick.

My sweetie began laughing about two minutes in, and is still giggling today. The minions just kill her. I laughed too, but maybe not quite as hard.

The story is, of course, entirely predictable. Curmudgeon + adorable kids can have only one outcome. The fun of a story like this one is in watching the transformation of the grumpy old man, and of course in the completely over-the-top silliness of his minions. Oh, yes, in this case the curmudgeon is an evil genius complete with minions, and they are ridiculously funny.

It was a good date. I even stole a kiss right there in the theater.


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  1. I watched this movie at 7000′ elevation, under the stars, next to a high Sierra lake. That location has been showing movies outdoors, every year, for 75 years. That datum stunned me.

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