A Helping Hand for Vets

We love the official little dogs of Muddled Ramblings and Half-Baked Ideas — even though Guilfoyle is a pretty major a-hole — and we love the people who have dedicated their lives to helping us keep the ODoMRHBIs healthy, even as their muzzles turn gray and their legs don’t have the spring they once did.

Lady Byng with blep

People who gravitate to that calling do it out of love, and let there be no doubt that the pups in this house are much better off for having a good doctor. And therefore I am better off as well.

I was surprised, and then not surprised, to learn that the suicide rate among veterinarians is awful. That job has some tough, tough, days. In fact, even the easy days are tough. So this month I’m riding at least 400 miles to raise awareness (and cash, of course), for an organization dedicated to giving these kind people some of the mental health resources they need.

If you have a caregiver for your pets whom you appreciate, or if you just think maybe mental health needs a bit more attention, then please consider joining the fundraiser yourself (you can even be on my team!) or simply donating and letting me do the work. Either path can start at my page over there.

My circle of friends is small, and not all y’all are living as comfortably as I am. So I want you to know right from the get-go that while I plan to do more to raise money for causes I believe in, there is no way in hell I expect any of my friends to answer the call every time. We all have to choose our battles. So thank you for reading this far, and if this is not the cause for you, that’s fine. (But if you know someone…)


3 thoughts on “A Helping Hand for Vets

  1. Sorry, Bug. Yet another charity platform, with yet another yet another payment service. There must be a business reason these payment portals exist, but I don’t know what it is.

  2. 1) Not the “Vet” I was expecting.
    2) This is one where we need the ability to post pictures with our comments, specifically of our own pets (if not vets).
    3) You know Buggy, if you just used Chrome and stored your CC/address/mothers maiden name in GPay, giving on multiple platforms is never an issue. Google supplies it to any page at any URL without me having to remember anything. Frictionless, baby!

    • 1) In my pitch to my coworkers, I intentionally misrepresented “Not One More Vet” as “Not One More Veterinarian” for exactly that reason. I leaned on the photo to imply animal care in this episode (photo shamelessly chosen for market appeal).

      2) Happily I can get my Gunner fixes with your photos on Strava. A fine beast! I look forward to sniffing the flora on Black Mountain with him some time.

      3) I know you were being sarcastic, but Google doesn’t give that information to anyone. They sell it.

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