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I’ve been working on a Web site for a friend of mine, and while it currently has a pretty high degree of slickness when viewed with Firefox for Mac (it has the best debugging tools available to me), I’m curious how it will perform on various Windows browsers. Specifically:

  1. graphics – I blended the images with the background using alpha channels. I’m pretty sure this is going to look bad in Internet Explorer 6, but are there other broswers that also look bad? Can anyone confirm that they do look bad on IE6?
  2. menus – I wrote up some pretty complicated scripts to make animated menus, but I’m not sure how they’re working on other broswers. For instance, on the Leadership Coaching page, there are three drop-down menus. Do they work?
  3. sub-menus – On the lowest menu on the Leadership Coaching page (beneath the picture), does a submenu appear to the right when you roll over the top menu item? (The sub-menus are currently clipped off in Safari and Opera for Mac, which I will fix tomorrow.)

Now I remember why I don’t do Web…

I’ve only spent a little bit of effort trying to make the site aesthetically appealing – mainly I’ve been playing with the CSS to figure out HOW to make the text nice, without really worrying too much about the actual result. I’m really, really trying to make aesthetics Someone Else’s Problem. Still, there are some design elements that aren’t bad for an amateur. I’ll be working on a more consistent color scheme, but what are your thoughts?

Thanks in advance! The link is Eu-LIFE. If things look really weird to you, let me know and I’ll post screen shots to help you describe what’s different.

11 thoughts on “Need a Favor

  1. Dunno what version of Explorer I used but it all looked good and menus pulled down correctly.

    I didn’t bother to check Modzilla cause you have that I assumed.

  2. Thanks for the feedback. At this moment I have no Windows browsers whatsoever. I loaned The Beast to someone. While I have yet to see differences between Mac and Windows Mozilla-based browsers, the closest I have is Firefox.

    I’m glad the menus work in IE7 – I wasn’t looking forward to debugging that.

    As for “Stuff” and “More Stuff”, Angelo also liked them, but I suspect ultimately he has other plans for what goes there.

  3. Currently the menus work on all tested platforms, which on Windows is only IE7. Anyone out there with IE6 or any of the other Windows alternatives?

  4. The menus seemed to work on Opera, but the links in the drop down menus didn’t seem to go anywhere. could be me being too tired to have patience for slow links, or even not having fully read your request. Just who is this friend of yours?

  5. Well, the IE crowd can gloat a little bit this time – In this case Opera and Safari don’t follow the CSS spec as well as IE7.

    I’m still hoping to hear from someone running IE6.

  6. I tried it in IE6 (not that I use that crappy browser, but I do have it). As you might expect, there were a few problems: 1) the sub-menus did not work, 2) the top level menus opened up near the end of the link instead of under the “menu” graphic (about under the “v” in “Executives”), 3) the blending graphics do not look bad, but they do not blend into the background like on Firefox, 4) graphics for the menus are not displaying transparently.

    I also tried it on Konqueror – everything worked there.

  7. Konqueror again: there was one weird thing – the menus open initially above the link, and then moved down to the correct position.

  8. Thanks! It sounds like Konqueror does not respect the ‘clip’ property, which I use to hide the overlapping part of the menu while it slides down.

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