Jers Novel Writer released

It’s just a bug fix release, and only a couple of bugs at that, but one of them was bad enough to warrant an interim release. will be coming out in a couple of weeks, with fixes to bugs that are merely annoying as well as one other nasty one.

On a side note, someone posted this over at the Hut:

I would like to thank Jer for all the work that has been put into this program. I used during NaNoWriMo 04, and intend to use the newest version for this year’s as well. The improvements in the last 10 months have been astounding, and I love JNW. Although it doesn’t make pearls of wisdom flow from my fingertips, it makes the flow of nonsense that is my usual writing easier, and makes the beating of said drivel into shape much less of a chore.

I do believe that no finer program exists for mac, and although I am a little shady in programs for windows, I have not encountered a description of a program I would even think of choosing over this one. In short, I love this program, and just wanted to voice my thoughts on the matter.

You can be sure that I will purchase the eventual commercial version as soon as is is available- it only seems right as I have been using this for almost a year now, and it has helped me so much.

Man, that made my day.

3 thoughts on “Jers Novel Writer released

  1. More great news for the friends of the Pirates support network et al. Our man JD called last night to inform the kid that Grub had okay’d the whole brillant plan of giving us a copy of our raw tapes. So that bit of uncertainty is behind us. Sometime next week I will be down there at Vizeon dumping the tapes. I guess there’s still a lot that could go wrong, but it looks like yr. film is about to become a reality. Well, now more than ever I should say.

  2. That is friggin’ awesome! Give my thanks to JD, Grub, et. al.

    NOW we’re gonna have us a movie! I can’t wait to see what you can do with it now that the manacles have been removed.

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